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Blitzen Shads
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The Cadillac of Musky Jerkbaits.


Blitzen Shads are custom hand made musky jerkbaits.  Designed and tested by Professional Southern Musky Fishermen, David "Crash" Mullins.  The Cadillac of glide baits.  Has an unbelievable rock at the end of the glide.  Slowest sinking rate of any jerkbait, a  near neutral buoyancy.  Guaranteed to work everytime.  All baits are tested before shipment.  The Blitzen Shad is an excellent cold water or clear water bait.  Pull this bait out when fishing gets tough.  They work true at any speed or depth.  This bait can be fished in a variety of ways:  crank it, troll it, jerk it, or twitch it.  We guarantee you'll like this bait.  Available in two extremely popular sizes:  7" and 9". 


Endorsed by
David "Crash" Mullins
Southern Musky Specialist
Morehead, KY

Construction begins with hand selected wood.  Then a waterproof under-coat is layed on.  A realistic paint scheme is applied next.  Then a tooth-proof, rock hard finish is applied.  Complete with all stainless steel hardware, and 3/0 extra heavy Mustad round bend hooks.  All this makes for an unbelievably tough musky jerkbait.